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Arrival Instructions

  • TW Gate Code: 496738#

    • (Gate is at the bottom of Aspen glen; When leaving, gate opens automatically toward you, so don't pull too close.)

  • Door code: (Get from Luellen)

  • Turn all 5 thermostats up to ~75 degrees (or whatever makes you comfortable; 3 downstairs & 2 upstairs.)

  • Turn on the valve-lever for hot and cold water supplies to washer machine; see in the pantry cabinet.

  • The blinds on the upper windows in den are powered; up/down switch is to left of the deck door.

  • Turn on ice maker in freezer section.

  • Coffee maker and Keurig machine are in cabinet under island on the table side.

  • Turn on the 2 floor space heaters, if downstairs is too cool.  Please turn them off whenever you're not in the condo. 

  • Plug in the power strip bars, as needed

  • Turn on  breakers for water heater and stove (#24 & #28?); panel is in kitchen

  • WIFI/internet is through Starlink; see router base for Network & P/W.

  • All TVs are set up with AppleTV devices; Log in with your account

  • Deck table umbrella should be in downstairs hall closet.

  • Humming bird feeder may be in pantry somewhere or may be "MIA"

  • Battery for JEEP is on a charger in the hall closet; JEEP is on the hill; First, check with Luellen to see if it's currently registered and insured.

Departure Instructions

  • Park JEEP on the hill, pull the battery and put it back on the charger in closet.

  • Take down deck umbrella and store it in downstairs hall closet.

  • Take down humming bird feeder and store it on top of fridge.

  • Set all 5 thermostats to 50 degrees.

  • Turn off breakers for water heater and stove (#24 & #28?).

  • Unplug all power strip bars.

  • Make sure all space heaters are turned off and unplugged.

  • Close all windows and curtains.

  • Throw away all food that will expire within 6 months.

  • Turn off ice maker in freezer section.

  • Wash sheets and towels, if possible.

  • Turn off valve-lever for hot and cold water supplies to washer machine; see in pantry cabinet.

  • Take out the trash.

  • Turn off front and back porch lights. 

  • Lock both doors when you leave.

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